Pure Cotton Surface Pet Pad for Medium Sized Dogs

Pure Cotton Surface Pet Pad for Medium Sized Dogs


This pure cotton pet pad for medium-sized dogs is a “high-efficiency water-absorbent and anti-penetration pad” that provides your pet with excellent urine absorption capabilities, and at the same time effectively protects the cleanliness of the floor or pet bed through its anti-penetration design. Ideal for comfort and hygiene.

This medium-sized dog pure cotton pet pad is an “anti-penetration pad” that provides effective urine absorption and anti-penetration functions for pets at home, keeping them clean and caring for their comfort.

Product Specifications

Product Name: Pet Pad

Color: White

Material: Cotton Fabric, Pulp, PE Film, SAP Shrink Factor, Fixed Adhesive

Dimensions: 31.51 in × 20.62 in × 2 in

Single Chip Size: 31.51 in × 20.62 in × 0.2 in

Weight: 0.66 lb

Piece Weight: 0.066 lb

Quantity: 10 pieces

Suitable for: Corgi, Shiba Inu and Other Medium-sized Pet Dogs

Anti-permeability esign

Our pet pads use PE bottom film, which has excellent anti-permeability. The bottom film further improves the waterproof performance to ensure that urine does not leak.

Multi-layer absorbent structure

The uniquely designed multi-layer absorbent structure can efficiently absorb large amounts of urine, with a maximum capacity of 2.71 fluid ounces, keeping the bottom layer dry and clean.

Instant water absorption technology

The surface adopts advanced instant water absorption technology, which can quickly absorb urine, prevent leakage, and provide pets with a clean and comfortable environment.

Pure cotton soft touch

We select pure cotton as the surface material to ensure that the pad surface is dry and soft, providing a warm and comfortable resting place for pets.

Additional information

Weight 0.66 lbs
Dimensions 31.51 × 20.62 × 2 in



10 PCS

Single Chip Size

31.51×20.62×0.2 inch


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