Pet Pad with Deodorizing Function Suitable for Pomeranian

Pet Pad with Deodorizing Function Suitable for Pomeranian


This deodorizing pet changing pad uses a PE bottom film and a multi-layer absorbent design to provide hygienic, comfortable and high-performance pet care for small dogs such as Pomeranians.

This pet pee pad with deodorizing function is a high-performance pet care product. It uses a PE bottom film and a multi-layer water-absorbent design, which can quickly absorb urine, lock in odor, and has anti-leakage properties. The thickened design ensures long-lasting use, making it ideal for hygiene, comfort and deodorization for small dogs such as Pomeranians.

Product Specifications

Product Name: Pet Pad

Color: Blue

Material: Non-woven Fabric, Paper Pulp, PE Film, SAP Shrink Factor

Dimensions: 20.52 in x 15.42 in x 3.8 in

Single Chip Size: 20.52 in x 15.42 in x 0.19 in

Weight: 1.32 lb

Single Piece Weight: 0.066 lb

Quantity: 20 pieces

Suitable for: Pomeranian, Teddy, Bichon Frize, Chihuahua and Other Small Pet Dogs

Using PE bottom film to prevent penetration, the bottom film is more waterproof

Our pet mat uses a high-quality PE bottom film, which has excellent waterproof performance and effectively prevents urine from penetrating to the floor or other surfaces. The anti-seepage properties of this backing film ensure your floors stay dry and clean, easing your cleaning efforts.

Multi-layer absorbent design

Our pet mat adopts a multi-layer absorbent design, including a dry layer, an absorbent layer, a deodorizing layer and an anti-leak layer. The upper dry layer can instantly absorb urine and keep pets dry. The deodorizing layer in the middle contains water-locking and deodorizing materials, which can effectively reduce odor and keep the air fresh. The leak-proof layer at the bottom can reliably prevent urine leakage and ensure the floor is clean.

Thickened design, strong absorption

Our pet pads feature a 50% thickened design, allowing them to absorb large amounts of urine, up to 1.42 fl oz. This feature makes it ideal for all-day use by small dogs such as Pomeranians, reducing the frequency of changing pads, providing convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Additional information

Weight 1.32 lbs
Dimensions 20.52 × 15.42 × 3.8 in



20 PCS

Single Chip Size

20.52×15.42×0.19 inch


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