Sturdy and Durable Pet Pad Suitable for Corgis

Sturdy and Durable Pet Pad Suitable for Corgis


This durable pet changing pad is specially designed for medium-sized dogs such as Corgis, providing reliable waterproof protection and hygienic comfort.

This pet mat combines an ultra-thin design, a leak-proof PE bottom film and a high-density water-absorbent layer, making it suitable for all-day use by medium-sized dogs such as Corgis. It absorbs urine quickly, keeping floors dry and clean while keeping pets comfortable and dry. This product is a durable pet care option that provides convenience, hygiene and comfort for you and your medium-sized dog.

Product Specifications

Product Name: Pet Pad

Color: Blue

Material: Non-woven Fabric, Paper Pulp, PE Film, SAP Shrink Factor

Dimensions: 23.62 in × 17.72 in × 1.2 in

Single Chip Size: 23.62 in × 17.72 in × 0.12 in

Weight: 0.53 lb

Piece Weight: 0.053 lb

Quantity: 10 pieces

Suitable for: Corgi, Shiba Inu and Other Medium-sized Pet Dogs

Ultra-thin design, strong water absorption

This pet pad has an ultra-thin design and can hold up to 2.71 fl oz of urine, making it perfect for all-day use by medium-sized dogs such as Corgis.

Bottom PE film leak-proof design

The bottom of the pet pad is designed with PE film to prevent leakage, which effectively prevents urine from penetrating into the floor or other surfaces. This bottom design not only keeps floors dry and clean, but also provides extra comfort and quick absorption.

Dry surface

The high-density water-absorbent layer inside the pet changing pad can quickly absorb urine without leaking. The surface fabric remains dry and impermeable, ensuring your pet stays comfortable and dry while providing you with a hygienic, durable pet care solution.

Additional information

Weight 0.53 lbs
Dimensions 23.62 × 17.72 × 1.2 in



10 PCS

Single Chip Size

23.62×17.72×0.12 inch


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