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Shiba Inu Pet Pad

The Shiba Inu pet pad has a multi-layer water-absorbent design, and a thick production for long-lasting waterproof protection and comfort, making it suitable for medium-sized dogs like Shiba Inu for clean and convenient care.

About Our Pet Pad

Absorb Instantly

Contains SAP shrinkage factor for rapid absorption of liquids

Spill and Leak Proof

There is a PE waterproof membrane on the bottom to prevent leakage

Effectively Removes Odors

Multi-layer design plus deodorizing factor effectively removes odors

Diamond Embossed

Pet Pad

This pet pad has a diamond-shaped absorbent texture and a thickened design that instantly absorbs pet urine while keeping the surface dry.

This durable pet changing pad is specially designed for medium-sized dogs such as Corgis, providing reliable waterproof protection and hygienic comfort.

The thickened pet pad adopts SPA water-locking technology to quickly absorb urine and keep it dry.

It has thick absorbent surfaces on all sides and can absorb 3.51 fluid ounces of urine. It is suitable for all-day use by large dogs such as golden retrievers.

Our Pet Pad

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